Day 1
06:55am – Departure in NAIA Terminal 3 for Legazpi Airport
08:30am – Arrival in Laguindingan Airport
08:58am – Departure in Rural Transit Stop Over in Laguindingan to Iligan City
10:34am – Arrival in Iligan City Integrated Jeepney and Bus Terminal (IJBT)
10:45am – Departure in IJBT to Maria Cristina Falls Drop-Off Point
11:35am – Arrival in Maria Cristina Falls Drop-Off Point
12:50pm – Departure in Maria Cristina Falls Drop-Off Point for Mimbalut Falls by Habal-Habal (Motorbike)
01:21pm – Arrival in Mimbalut Falls
01:45pm – Departure in Mimbalut Falls for Tinago Falls by Habal-Habal
02:02pm – Arrival in Tinago Falls Drop-Off Point
02:07pm – Start of Trekking to Tinago Falls
02:20pm – Arrival in Tinago Falls
03:00pm – Departure in Tinago Falls for Overton Park (the Junction in Misamis Oriental – Maria Cristina Boundary Rd and Macapagal Avenue)
03:45pm – Check-In at D’Morvie Suites
08:30pm – City Tour with a CouchSurfer Using His Motorbike
11:00pm – Back to D’Morvie Suites; Lights-Out

Day 2
08:00am – Preparation for Cagayan de Oro; Breakfast
10:30am – Lunch at Jaime’s Lechon Bayug, in front of Gaisano Iligan
11:20am – Bought Pasalubong in Cheding’s Toasted Peanuts
12:10pm – Departure in Iligan City (IJBT) for Cagayan de Oro
01:35pm – Arrival in Westbound Terminal in Cagayan de Oro
02:45pm – Check-In at D’Morvie Suites; Lights-Out

Day 3
05:30am – Preparation for City Tour and Dahilayan Adventure and Forest Parks
06:28am – Left D’Morvie Suite for City Tour
07:00am – Breakfast at Cogon Public Market
08:35am – Departure in Cagayan de Oro for Dahilayan Adventure and Forest Parks
11:15am – Arrival in Dahilayan Adventure and Forest Parks
03:45pm – Departure in Dahilayan Adventure and Forest Parks for Cagayan de Oro
08:15pm – Dinner at Kamayan sa Manokan
10:00pm – Lights-Out

Day 4
05:00am – Preparation for Whitewater Rafting and Camiguin Island
06:30am – Breakfast at Jollibee in Plaza Divisoria
07:55am – Departure in Cagayan de Oro for Whitewater Rafting Drop-Off Point
08:46am – Arrival in Whitewater Rafting Drop-Off Point
09:45am – Start of Whitewater Rafting
11:30am – End of Whitewater Rafting and Departure to Go Back to Accommodation
01:23am – Departure in Agora Bus Terminal for Balingoan Integrated Bus Terminal
03:31pm – Arrival in Balingoan Integrated Bus Terminal
04:45pm – Departure in Balingoan Port for Benoni Port in Camiguin Island
06:05pm – Arrival in Port of Benoni, Camiguin Island
06:45pm – Arrival in Camiguin Whire Island Beach Resort
08:00pm – Lights-Out

Day 5
04:30am – Preparation for White Island and Jagna, Bohol
05:35am – Departure in Main Island for White Island
05:43am – Arrival in White Island
06:15am – Departure in White Island for Jagna, Bohol
07:20am – Arrival in Balbagon Port
08:40am – Departure in Balbagon Port for Jagna Port
11:50am – Arrival in Jagna Port in Bohol
11:58am – Lunch at the Nearby Eatery
12:28pm – Departure in Jagna, Bohol for Tagbilaran City
01:35pm – Arrival in Tr3ats Guesthouse in Tagbilaran City
04:38pm – Start of City Tour
08:30pm – Lights-Out

Day 6
04:00am – Preparation for Chocolate Hills Complex in Carmen, Bohol
05:09am – Departure in DAO Bus Terminal for Chocolate Hills Complex
08:46am – Arrival in Carmen Public Market
09:20am – Arrival in Chocolate Hills Complex
10:35am – Departure in Chocolate Hills Complex for DAO Bus Terminal
12:10am – Arrival in DAO Bus Terminal; Lunch at Island City Mall
12:50pm – Departure in DAO Bus Terminal for Tarsier Sanctuary in Corella, Bohol
01:41pm – Arrival in Tarsier Sanctuary
02:55pm – Back to Tagbilaran City Proper; Continued City Tour
07:15pm – Dinner at Payag Restaurant
09:15pm – Back to Tr3ats Guesthouse; Lights-Out

Day 7
05:00am – Preparation for Tagbilaran Airport
05:45am – Breakfast at Tagbilaran City Proper
06:11am – Arrival at Tagbilaran Airport
07:55am – Departure in Tagbilaran Airport for NAIA Terminal 3
09:20am – Arrival in NAIA Terminal 3