Baguio City Travel Expenses


Day 1
Graduation Gift – Php2,500.00
Bus Fare from Cubao Bus Station to Baguio City – Php445.00
Snacks in Sison Bus Stop and Restaurant – Php120.00
Strawberry Taho – Php20.00
Chicken Noodles and 3 in 1 Coffee with Hot Water – Php75.00
Bonnet – Php50.00
Overnight Accommodation – Php400.00
Brunch at Jollibee SM City Baguio – Php89.00
Jeepney Fare from Baguio City Proper to Strawberry Farm – Php10.00
Strawberry Ice Cream – Php25.00
2 Kilos of Fresh Strawberries – Php300.00
3 Pieces of Bonnets – Php100.00
Jeepney Fare from Strawberry Farm to Chinese Bell Church – Php10.00
Rice Meal and 3 in 1 Coffee for Lunch – Php85.00
Bottled Water – Php35.00
Use of Comfort Room in Chinese Bell Church – Php5.00
Jeepney Fare from Chinese Bell Church to Baguio City Proper – Php10.00
Jeepney Fare from Baguio City Proper to Botanical Garden – Php10.00
Jeepney Fare from Mine’s View to Baguio City Proper – Php10.00

Day 2
Jeepney Fare from Baguio City Proper to PMA in Loakan – Php20.00
Share for Taxi Fare from my friend’s residence to Victory Liner Bus Terminal – Php70.00
Bus Fare from Baguio City to Guadalupe, Makati City – Php445.00
Doughnuts and Coffee – Php55.00
Snacks in Sison Bus Stop and Restaurant – Php150.00
Jeepney Fare from Guadalupe, Makati City to Market! Market! – Php7.00

Total Expenses: Php5,046.00

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