Boracay with Sistah and Mudra

This was my second time to visit Boracay Island in Malay, Aklan located in central part of the country. This is known to have the finest white sand beach in the country and perhaps around the world. However, before the summer season start, roughly before the month of April, the beach is heavily infested with algae. You can clearly see the presence of algae in the water and some part of the of the beach. The locals believe that it is the reason why the island has white sand but the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) contradicts it. They believe that the presence of algae in the island signifies pollution in the area.

This trip was actually a birthday present for my mom. As a budget traveler, I opted for seat sale. It was booked about a year before the travel dates. Imagine, our round trip airfare was just PhP1,760.52. This was really a best deal as regular round trip fare costs around PhP6,000.00 per person. This was the first time my mom boarded an airplane. I was a bit worried because she has hypertension but is on medication. According to her doctor, she will be alright but knowing my mom, she tends to worry too much.

Powdery White Sand of Boracay

Try to grab some sand in the beach on a windy day and you’ll be amaze how it turns into dust as the wind blows on it.

Kayak for rent in Boracay Island

There are a lot of activities that you can do in the island. From island hopping, shopping, bar hopping, food tripping to kayaking. You can rent a kayak in the beach.

When we landed in Kalibo International Airport, which is a two-hour van ride to Jetty Port, I asked her how was experience flying. She was actually thrilled. She thought she was already in heaven. Being very religious, you couldn’t take that away from her. Overall, the flight experience was really great. As a matter of fact, she was actually looking forward for our next trip.

On board at Cebu Pacific flight

My mom, my sister and I pose for a groupie on board of Cebu Pacific flight.

Morning walk with mom at Boracay

Morning walk with mom at the beach in Boracay Island.

Picnic at Boracay beach

There was a portion in the beach where shade of trees allow you to picnic and enjoy the beauty of the beach.

I booked a fan room for us at DormitelsPH. I told my sister and my mom that this is just fine as we will not going to stay in the hotel during the day as we are mostly in the beach. Their fan room costs about PhP741.00 per night and we all stayed in just one room for 6 nights. If you are alone, there are dorm types accommodation for as low as PhP450.00 per night. To compare our accommodation rate with others, I would say it really was the best deal as well. Though according to their email correspondence, their fan room is only good for 2 persons and additional person requires additional payment. What we did was, we did not disclose that we were three (3) persons traveling together. We just went in and out of the room one-at-a-time. Staffs didn’t bother to ask which was an advantage on our part. Well this isn’t a way to take advantage on them, I was just simply getting what I am supposed to get. On their booking page, it was clearly stated that maximum guests allowed in the room is three (3) but when I confirmed it through email, I was told that we need to pay additional for one (1) person.

DormitelsPH in Boracay - affordable fan room

We stayed in one of the rooms in this premise of DormitelsPH.

We took an island hopping tour where you can visit Puka Beach, do snorkeling, visit the main island and visit Crystal Cove Island Resort. This is one of the many option that you can do in Boracay Island. I opted this option because my mom loves watching fiction movies that have a touch of nature. I thought she would enjoy snorkeling seeing marine creatures in person but I didn’t know that she has reservation with open waters. She had a trauma when she was young when she and father went fishing. I told her that when we go to El Nido, she should try snorkeling as it is safe as long as you are wearing a life vest and you get how to use the snorkeling gear. I am considering purchasing a full snorkeling gear for her for best experience.

Getting ready with Island Hopping Tour

Mom, sister and I boarded on a motor boat for Island Hopping Tour.

Mom poses at the Puka Beach sign

Mom poses at the Puka Beach sign. It is one of the place when you take the Island Hopping Tour. This beach can also be reached by a tricycle at the main road of Boracay Island.

Crystal Cove Island Resort

Selfie with Crystal Cove Island Resort signage.

We spent most of our time visiting different places in the island including the Bulabog Beach at the other side of the white beach.

Here is a quick look at the island during our island hopping tour.

For travel itinerary, please click here.

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This is our Boracay Island trip with travel dates from 01st of March, 2017 to 07th of March, 2017.

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