Day 1
Airfare with Return – Php1,183.00
Kariman Ham & Cheese / Tropicana at Mini Stop – Php66.00
Taxi Fare from BGC, Taguig City to NAIA Terminal 4 – Php173.00
Coffee and Tuna Turnover at Dunkin Donuts, NAIA Terminal 4 – Php90.00
Passenger Van Fare from Busuanga Airport to Coron Town Proper – Php150.00
Bottled Water – Php35.00
Inland Tour Share by Tricycle – Php100.00
Dinner Share – Php150.00
Coffee Sachet / Shampoo – Php30.00

Day 2
Spaghetti and Rice Cake for Breakfast – Php40.00
Island Hopping Tour – Php1,000.00
Dinner Share – Php227.00
Accommodation for 2 Nights at Patrik & Tezz Guesthouse – Php1,000.00

Day 3
Porridge and Rice Cake for Breakfast – Php70.00
Ferry Fare from Coron to El Nido – Php1,200.00
Tricycle Fare from Town Proper to Port – Php10.00
Bottled Water, Peanuts and Cellphone Prepaid Credits – Php130.00
Tricycle Fare from El Nido Town Proper to Bamboo Billabong Hostel – Php20.00
Accommodation for 2 Nights at Bamboo Billabong Hostel – Php700.00
Towel Rental – Php40.00
Dinner – Php130.00

Day 4
Coffee from a Vending Machine – Php5.00
Island Hopping Tour A and Tour B Package – Php1,800.00
Cellphone Plastic Pouch – Php150.00
Bottled Water – Php35.00
Street Foods for Dinner – Php50.00
Bottled Water – Php40.00
Coffee from Vending Machine – Php5.00
Moon Cake Cookies – Php4.00
2 Bottles of Vitamilk – Php70.00

Day 5
Coffee from Vending Machine – Php5.00
2 1.5L Bottled Water – Php80.00
Tricycle Fare for 2 Going to Terminal – Php20.00
Passenger Van Fare from Coron to Puerto Princesa City – Php400.00
Cup Noodles and Potato Chips for Snacks – Php115.00
Baked Macaroni and Halo-Halo in Noki Nocs – Php155.00
Accommodation for 2 Nights in Duchess Pension – Php500.00
Ref Magnets for Pasalubong – Php180.00
Early Dinner at Ka Inato – Php170.00
Massage for 2 Hours Located beside Baga Baga Grill & Restaurant – Php550.00
Late Dinner at Baga Baga Grill & Restaurant – Php130.00
Iced Tea – Php38.00
Bottled Water and 3 bottles of Vitamilk – Php107.25

Day 6
Multicab Fare from Town Proper to Robinson’s Place Palawan – Php10.00
Personal Care – Php150.00
Tricycle Fare from Robinson’s Place Palawan to Town Proper – Php80.00
Dinner with Friends in Puerto Princesa City at Mangan Kayon – Php1,200.00
Bottled Water and 3 bottles of Vitamilk – Php107.25

Day 7
1 Kilo Toasted Unsalted Cashew Nuts – Php290.00
Porridge and Kopiko 78 Degrees Celcius for Breakfast – Php80.00
Tricycle Fare Junction 1 to Puerto Princesa City Airport – Php10.00
Airport Terminal Fee – Php200.00
Jeepney Fare from NAIA Rotonda to Gate 3 – Php7.00
Jeepney Fare from Gate 3 to Market! Market! – Php20.00

Total Expenses: Php13,307.50