Davao City & Island Garden City of Samal Travel Expenses


Day 1
Airfare with Return – Php1,675.80
Share for Taxi Fare from BGC, Taguig City to NAIA Terminal 4 – Php32.00
Share for 15kg Pre-Flight Baggage Fee – Php64.00
Share for Taxi Fare from Davao International Airport to Sasa Wharf – Php25.00
Assorted Bread – Php40.00
1.5L Bottled Water – Php35.00
Baby Wipes – Php30.00
Rice Meal for Lunch – Php40.00
Ferry Fare from Onse Ferry Terminal to Babak Wharf – Php10.00
Share for Habal-Habal Transportation Package (Monfort Bat Cave, Vanishing Island and Sitio Tayapoc) – Php325.00
Monfort Bat Cave Environmental Fee – Php5.00
Monfort Bat Cave Entrance Fee – Php100.00
Share for Vanishing Island Boat Rental – Php200.00
1.5L Bottled Water – Php35.00
500ml Bottled Water – Php15.00
Rice Meal for Dinner – Php60.00
3 Sachets of Kopiko Blanca – Php24.00
Mt. Puting Bato Overnight Entrance Fee – Php20.00
Share for Guide Fee – Php29.00

Day 2
Share for Lunch – Php40.00
2 Devices Charging Fee – Php10.00
Assorted Bread – Php40.00
2 1L Bottled Water – Php40.00
Hagimit Falls Environmental Fee – Php5.00
Hagimit Falls Entrance Fee – Php40.00
Share for Hagimit Falls Cottage Rental – Php29.00
Life Vest Rental Fee – Php50.00
3 in 1 Coffee with Hot Water – Php20.00
Share for Habal-Habal Transportation Package (Sitio Tayapoc, Hagimit Falls and Rainbow Breeze Beach Resort – Php250.00
Rainbow Breeze Beach Resort Overnight Entrance Fee – Php50.00
Share for Tent Pitching in Rainbow Breeze Beach Resort – Php29.00
Cup Noodles for Dinner – Php30.00
1 Sachet Milk Powder Drink – Php18.00

Day 3
Habal-Habal Fare from Rainbow Breeze Beach Resort to Sasa Ferry Terminal – Php10.00
Ferry Fare from Sasa Ferry Terminal to Sasa Wharf – Php10.00
Multicab from Sasa Wharf to Sta. Ana Wharf – Php15.00
Rice Meal and Buko Juice for Lunch – Php78.00
Multicab Fare from Sta. Ana Wharf to Talicud Wharf – Php80.00
Habal-Habal from Talicud Wharf to Dayang Beach Resort – Php50.00
3 Sticks of Pork BBQ and Rice for Lunch – Php105.00
3 Containers of Fresh Water – Php60.00
1 Sachet Tide Detergent Powder – Php15.00
1 Safeguard Small – Php20.00
Share for Dinner – Php100.00
Share for Accommodation for 1 Night in Dayang Beach Resort – Php243.00

Day 4
Breakfast / Snacks in Sari-Sari Store – Php76.00
Share for Inland Package Tour – Php286.00
Baga Cave Entrance Fee – Php50.00
Rice Meal and Soda for Lunch – Php55.00
Alog-Alog Palamig (Refreshment Drink) – Php5.00
Isla Reta Beach Resort Entrance Fee – Php200.00
Share for Pancit Canton – Php20.00
Small Bar Soap – Php15.00
1 Sachet of Shampoo – Php10.00
1 Sachet of Conditioner – Php10.00
3 in 1 Coffee with Hot Water – Php20.00
Share for Dinner – Php136.00
Share for Accommodation in Isla Reta Beach Resort – Php114.50

Day 5
2 Pieces Puto Maya (Sticky Rice) and 2 Cups of Toasted Rice Coffee for Breakfast – Php22.00
Ferry Fare from Isla Reta to Sta. Ana Wharf Ferry Fee – Php80.00
Beef Innards, 2 Bottles of Tropicana, 1.5 Cups of Rice and 1 Liter Bottled Water – Php105.00
Multicab Fare from Ramon Magsaysay Park to Davao City Hall – Php8.00
Share for Taxi Fare from Aldevinco Shopping Center to Duterte’s Residence then to Davao International Airport – Php87.50
1 Cup Noodles, Hard Boiled Egg, Siopao and 3 in 1 Coffee for Snacks in the Airport – Php105.00
Davao International Airport Terminal Fee – Php200.00
2 Pieces of T-Shirts for Pasalubong – Php300.00
Durian Candies for Pasalubong – Php200.00
Durian Ref Magnets for Pasalubong – Php120.00
Share for Taxi Fare from NAIA Terminal 3 to Pembo, Makati City – Php50.00

Total Expenses: Php6,476.80

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