Eastern Panay Island Itinerary


Day 1
06:15am – Departure in NAIA Terminal 4 to Boracay Airport (Caticlan)
07:21am – Arrival in Boracay Airport (Caticlan)
07:41am – Boarding a Boat at Caticlan Jetty Port Terminal
07:57am – Arrival at Boracay Island (Cagban Port Jetty)
09:26am – Arrival and Check-In at Frendz Resort Boracay by Walking from Cagban Port Jetty
10:00am Onwards – Free Time
09:00pm – Lights-Out

Day 2
05:45am – Early Morning Walk and went to the Other Side of the Island (Bulabog Beach)
06:51am – Breakfast
07:15am – Went Back to Frendz Resort Boracay to Take a Nap
11:20am – Lunch at Nearest Eatery Located at the Main Road
11:45am – Decided to Go to Puka Beach by Walking (Not Advisable)
12:58pm – Reached Puka Beach
02:38pm – Rode Tricycle at the Nearest Elementary School Back to Frendz Resort Boracay
03:06pm and Onwards – Reached Frendz Resort Boracay, Took a Nap and Checked the Beach at Night
09:00pm – Lights-Out

Day 3
04:30am – Prepare for Worship Service and Kalibo, Aklan
09:02am – Boarded a Boat to Tabon Port
09:43am – Boarded a Ceres Bus for Kalibo, Aklan at the Vicinity of Caticlan Jetty Port Terminal
11:45am – Arrival in Kalibo, Aklan; Checked Notable Areas in the City
12:26pm – Departure in Kalibo Town Proper for Bakhawan Eco-Park
12:42pm – Arrival in Bakhawan Eco-Park
02:18pm – Departure in Bakhawan Eco-Park for Roxas City Van Terminal
02:40pm – Departure in Kalibo, Aklan for Roxas City
04:30pm – Arrival in Roxas City
04:50pm – Check-In at Beehive Inn
06:00pm – City Tour
08:30pm – Went Back to Beehive Inn
09:05pm – Lights-Out

Day 4
05:00am – Preparation for Santa Monica Parish Church, Panay and Islas de Gigantes, Carles, Iloilo
05:45am – Check-Out at Beehive Inn
06:57am – Arrival in Santa Monica Parish Church
07:15am – Departure in Roxas City
10:01am – Arrival in Estancia Bus Terminal and Took Lunch
10:36am – Arrival in Port of Estancia
12:50pm – Departure in Port of Estancia for Islas de Gigantes
02:51pm – Arrival in Arjan Beach Resort in Isla Gigante Norte
03:21pm – Island Tour
05:35pm – Dinner
06:00pm – Free Time
09:00pm – Lights-Out

Day 5
06:30am – Breakfast and Preparation for Island Hopping
08:36am – Start of Island Hopping Tour
10:15am – Went Back to Arjan Beach Resort Due to Windy Weather
10:30am Onwards – Free Time

Day 6
09:00am – Preparation for Departure
11:00am – Turns Out That the Boat Cannot Sail Due to Big Waves
11:15am – Check In to a Resort Right In Front of the Docking Area
02:00pm – Went to Hideaway Inn Where New Found Friends Had Check-In
11:30pm – Went Back to Our Accommodation
11:45pm – Lights-Out

Day 7
06:30am – Preparation for Departure
09:15am – Arrival in Port of Estancia
09:45am – Departure in Estancia Bus Terminal for Iloilo City
02:05pm – Arrival in SM City Iloilo
07:30pm – Check-In at Ong Bun Pension House

Day 8
06:15am – Start of City Tour
07:10am – Breakfast at Netong’s and Cafe
08:15am – Departure in Wharf for Camiguin Island Tour
04:00pm – Departure in Wharf to go back to Iloilo City
05:00pm – Check Other Notable Spot in the City
06:30pm – Killed time in SM City Iloilo
09:15pm – Left SM City Iloilo
09:50pm – Arrival in Iloilo International Airport
01:05am the Next Day – Departure in Iloilo International Airport
02:15am – Arrival in NAIA Terminal 4

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