Eastern Panay Island Travel Expenses


Day 1
Airfare with Return – Php1,141.24
Taxi Fare from BGC, Taguig City to NAIA Terminal 4 – Php180.00
Caticlan Jetty Port Terminal Fee – Php100.00
Boracay Environmental Fee – Php75.00
Boat Fee from Caticlan Jetty Port to Cagban Jetty Port – Php50.00
Angel’s Burger: Cheeseburger – Php32.50
Softdrink: Mt. Dew – Php20.00
Frendz Beach Resort Accommodation Fee (for 2 nights) – Php1,200.00
Padlock for Locker at Frendz Beach Resort – Php50.00
Club Astoria Membership Down Payment – Php21,500.00
Dinner (Dokito Prito, Sinigang, Softdrink and Coffee) – Php180.00

Day 2
Breakfast (Hotdog, Egg, Rice and Coffee) – Php75.00
Tricycle Fare from Puka Beach to Station 2 – Php30.00
Lunch (Rice Meal and Softdrik) – Php75.00
Personal Effects (Betadine and Band-Aid) – Php50.00
Dinner (Hotdog Sandwich and Bottled Water) – Php110.00

Day 3
Breakfast (Cup Noodles and Coffee) – Php50.00
Tricycle Fare from Station 2 to Tabon Port – Php20.00
Boat Fare from Boracay Island to Tabon Port – Php50.00
Terminal Fee in Boracay Jetty Port – Php100.00
Tricycle Fare from Tabon Port to Caticlan Jetty Port – Php25.00
Brunch (Rice Meal at Andok’s and Softdrink) – Php80.00
Bus Fare from Caticlan Jetty Port to Kalibo, Aklan – Php110.00
Tricycle Fare from Kalibo Town Proper to Bakhawan Eco-Park – Php20.00
Entrance Fee for Bakhawan Eco-Park – Php100.00
Snacks (Halo-Halo and Potato Chips) – Php90.00
Tricycle Fare from Bakhawan Eco-Park to Passenger Van Terminal for Roxas City – Php50.00
Passenger Van Fare from Kalibo, Aklan to Roxas City Bus Terminal – Php150.00
Jeepney Fare from Roxas City Bus Terminal to City Proper – Php10.00
Beehive Inn Accommodation Fee (for 1 night) – Php300.00
Tricycle Fare (Share) from Roxas City Proper to La Playa de Roxas People’s Park Plaza – Php25.00
Dinner (Diwal or Angel Wings Clams, Rice, Chicken Butt Barbecue, Buko Juice and Squid–Share) – Php550.00
Tricycle Fare (Share) from La Playa de Roxas People’s Park Plaza to Beehive Inn – Php50.00

Day 4
Tricycle Fare (Share) from Roxas City to Santa Monica Parish Church, Panay with Return – Php150.00
Bus Fare from Roxas City Bus Terminal to Estancia Bus Terminal – Php95.00
Balasan Special Bibingka (1 Pack, 4 Pieces) – Php20.00
Lunch (Rice Meal and Coffee) – Php75.00
Tricycle Fare from Estancia Bus Terminal to Port of Estancia – Php10.00
Personal Effects – Php250.00
Boat Fare from Port of Estancia to Isla de Gigantes Norte – Php85.00
Motorbike to Arjan Beach Resort – Php10.00
Island Tour – Php200.00
Dinner (Seafoods and Rice – Share) – Php150.00
Coffee – Php15.00
Arjan Beach Resort Accommodation Fee (Share for 2 nights) – Php400.00

Day 5
Arjan Beach Resort Island Hopping Tour (Share) – Php500.00
Breakfast (Seafoods, Rice and Coffee – Share) – Php180.00
Lunch (Seafoods and Rice – Share) – Php150.00
Dinner (Seafoods and Rice – Share) – Php150.00

Day 6
Accommodation Fee for a Night in a Resort in Front of Boat Docking Area – Php150.00
Fresh Buko Juice – Php50.00
Snacks – Php150.00

Day 7
Boat Fare from Isla Gigante Norte to Port of Estancia – Php85.00
Tricycle Fare from Port of Estancia to Estancia Bus Terminal – Php10.00
Lunch (Rice Meal and Coffee) – Php75.00
Passenger Van Fare from Estancia Bus Terminal to Iloilo Bus Terminal – Php180.00
Jeepney Fare to Iloilo Bus Terminal (Van Encountered Engine Trouble) – Php15.00
Taxi Fare from Iloilo Bus Terminal to SM City Iloilo (Share) – Php60.00
Bo’s Coffee – Php170.00
Cocolife Insurance – Php2,500.00
Passenger Jeepney Fare from SM City Iloilo to Ong Bun Pension House – Php10.00
Ong Bun Pension House Accommodation Fee (for 1 Night) – Php285.00
Dinner (Siopao and Vitamilk at Nearest 7-11) – Php85.00

Day 8
Jeepney Fare from Ong Bun Pension House to La Paz Public Market – Php10.00
La Paz Batchoy and Puto at Netong’s – Php94.00
Madge Cafe Coffee – Php40.00
Jeepney Fare from La Paz Public Market to Guimaras Iloilo Ferry Terminal (Parola) – Php10.00
Boat Fare from Parola Wharf to Jordan Wharf – Php25.00
Jeepney Fare from Smallest Plaza to Pitstop Restaurant – Php10.00
Mango Pizza Double at Pitstop Restaurant – Php189.00
Jeepney Fare from Pitstop Restaurant to Alubijod Beach Drop-Off Point – Php30.00
Habal-Habal (Motorbike) Fare Alubijod Beach Resort (with Return) – Php100.00
Jeepney Fare from Alubijod Beach Drop-Off Point to Fruit Stand Near Pitstop Restaurant – Php30.00
Jeepney Fare from Fruit Stand to Jordan Wharf – Php10.00
Pasalubong (Presents from Folks Back Home) – Php450.00
Boat Fare from Jordan Whart to Parola Wharf – Php25.00
Jeepney Fare from Iloilo City Proper to SM City Iloilo – Php10.00
Coffee and Doughnut at Krispy Kreme – Php220.00
Taxi Fare from SM City Iloilo to Iloilo International Airport (Share) – Php125.00
Iloilo International Airport Terminal Fee – Php200.00
Taxi Fare from NAIA Terminal 4 to BGC, Taguig City – Php180.00

Total Expenses: Php10,671.74

This is exclusive of the expenses I incurred when I signed up for Club Astoria membership and the CocoLife Insurance amounting to Php21,500.00 and Php2,500.00, respectively. I highly suggest that you read my blog post about Club Astoria about my experience and decide for yourself if the investment is truly for for you or outside your financial capability.

The total expenses stated in this post is for a solo traveler, unless stated. It would be much cheaper and enjoyable if you if you travel in group as you can try different activities in Boracay Island without slashing a lot to your travel fund.

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