How to Fix Super Slow Lenovo Ideapad 100-15IBY Laptop

A little over 6 months ago, I purchased a Lenovo Ideapad 100-15IBY laptop. I told myself that I will be using it for basic computing tasks like blogging, office-related tasks, simple calculation, downloading and others. I said a 2GB memory is more than enough to accomplish these tasks. To think that it is powered by a decent processor, I did not expect that it would be too slow to even complete a word processing task.

It was really a pain in the butt. Waiting for an application to load makes you wonder why Lenovo has built the laptop. I convinced myself that there’s a workaround with it without purchasing new hardware but I ended up replacing the existing SATA hard drive with SSD hard drive. I tried different tweaks found online and even installed LINUX to no avail.

Though step-by-step guide on how to disassemble the unit is on Youtube, I don’t want to take a chance of doing it myself. I don’t have enough training on disassembling laptops so I brought it to a local repair shop where fully experienced technician had replaced it for me.

Prior to that, I made sure that the SSD hard drive that I purchased is compatible with my unit. So I Googled for compatible SSD hard drives and asked around. I then brought the SSD hard drive to the repair shop. I thought the technician had never disassembled the same unit so I told him that there is a video tutorial on Youtube that he can watch first. I was really worried that he might end up ruining my laptop. I was wrong, it was really an easy task for him except when he re-assembled it. He forgot to screw the DVD-ROM drive so needed to disassembled it again.

All I ask for him is to make the SSD hard drive recognizable by the BIOS. Otherwise, I could take it from there. I brought an installer for Windows 10 with me so I went to a nearby coffee shop and installed the operating system. I was in awe with the performance of my Lenovo laptop. Theoretically, I know how SSD hard drive works but didn’t expect it to be really this good. I could open multiple applications at the same time and could switch between them with ease.

One thing I’ve noticed is with Google Chrome or any internet browser for that matter. If you open multiple tabs and you’ve work on one tab for quite some time, when you switch to other tabs, you’ll find that the page is gone and will reload itself automatically. It’s not seamless. I mean, if you’re in a hurry, you’ll find it pretty annoying. But hey, it’s an affordable laptop so I would live with that.

Lenovo Ideapad 100-15IBY

If you have similar laptop or even a desktop that you find slow, you may want to consider replacing the hard drive with SSD. I’m pretty sure that you will not regret doing so.

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  1. david September 18, 2018 at 11:55 pm - Reply

    Same Problem here. Which harddrive did you buy?

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