Puerto Princesa City Itinerary


Day 1
05:07pm – Boarding Cebu Pacific Air Flight
06:57pm – Arrival in Puerto Princesa International Airport
07:30pm – Check-In at Duchess Pension
08:00pm – Lights-Out

Day 2
04:00am – Preparation for City Tour and Worship Service
05:45am – Attended the Worship Service
07:05am – Breakfast at the Eatery Beside the Chapel
07:30am – Start of City Tour (Visited the Baybay Bay Walk, the Cathedral, Plaza Eulalia, New Plaza Cuartel, Mendoza Park, and Palawan Museum
10:05am – Went to City Coliseum to Secure a Permit for Underground River Tour
11:30am – Met Jerson Belir, a CouchSurfer to Show Me Around
12:15am – Lunch at Bona’s Chaolong to Try the Famous Vietnamese-Inspired Noodles
12:45am – Met Ralph Joshua Carlos, a CouchSurfer as Well and a Friend of Jerson Belir
01:00pm – Went to Noki Nocs Savory House to Try Their Halo-Halo
02:00pm – Went to Palawan Wildlife Rescue and Conservation Center (Crocodile Farm)
03:30pm – Went to Palawan Butterfly Eco-Garden and Tribal Village
04:30pm – Went to Baker’s Hill
05:00pm – Met Nina, a CouchSurfer Visiting Puerto Princesa Alone But Left Immediately to Meet Her Host
07:30pm – Went to Baybay (Palawan’s Baywalk) and Tried Crocodile Sisig and Lato
08:00pm – Met Nina Again
09:00pm – Went Back to Duchess Pension
09:30pm – Lights-Out

Day 3
05:00am – Preparation for Honda Bay Island Tour
05:45am – Headed to Mendoza Park to Take a Passenger Jeepney Bound to Honda Bay Island
07:10am – Arrived at Honda Bay Island Tour Drop-Off Point
07:30am – Start the Honday Bay Island Tour
02:10pm – End of Honda Bay Island Tour; Back to Drop-Off Point
02:50pm – Arrived at Robinson’s Place Palawan; Killed Time
05:45pm – Went Back to Duchess Pension
06:30pm – Met Joshua, Jian and Jerson
07:15pm – Dined at Kalui Restaurant
09:00pm – Went Back to Duchess Pension
09:15pm – Lights-Out

Day 4
05:00am – Preparation for Puerto Princesa Underground River Tour
05:45am – Headed to Mendoza Park to Take a Passenger Jeepney Bound to San Jose New Market
06:45am – Arrived at San Jose New Market
07:30am – Departure in San Jose New Market for Sabang, Puerto Princesa City Where the Drop-Off Point for Puerto Princesa Underground River is Located
09:45am – Arrived at Sabang, Puerto Princesa City
10:15am – Start of Puerto Princesa Underground River
12:10pm – Went Back to the Drop-Off Point
12:25pm – Lunch
01:30pm – Went to Try the Sabang X Zipline
02:15pm – Went to Try the Mangrove Paddle Boat Tour
03:10pm – Went Back to the Drop-Off Point
03:15pm – Went to Sabang Waterfalls
05:30pm – Went Back to the Drop-Off Point
06:30pm – Departure in Sabang, Puerto Princesa City for Puerto Princesa City Proper
07:45pm – Arrived at Puerto Princesa City Proper; Went Back to Duchess Pension
08:30pm – Met Noel and His Friend, Sed with Joshua and Jerson. We Dined at Balinsasayaw Chicken Grill and Restaurant
09:30pm – Back to Duchess Pension; Lights-Out

Day 5
06:00am – Preparation for Departure; Back to Manila
07:15am – Breakfast at Belly Buster Diner Cafe
09:10am – Arrived at Puerto Princesa International Airport
12:10am – Departure in Puerto Princesa International Airport for NAIA Terminal 3
01:20am – Arrival at NAIA Terminal 3

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