Siargao & Surigao City Travel Expenses


Day 1
Airfare via Cebu with Return – Php2,341.00
Taxi Fare from BGC, Taguig City to NAIA Terminal 3 – Php130.00
Vitamilk at NAIA Terminal 4 Boarding Gate – Php63.00
Cup Noodles 60g at NAIA Terminal 4 Boarding Gate – Php100.00
V-Hire Fare from Cebu-Mactan International Airport to Marina Mall – Php7.00
V-Hire Fare from Marina Mall to Mactan Shrine – Php9.00
3 Pieces of Ref Magnets for Pasalubong – Php50.00
V-Hire Fare from Mactan Shrine to Marina Mall – Php9.00
500ml Bottled Water – Php15.00
Hotdog Waffle and Pancake – Php20.00
Personal Care – Php179.50
V-Hire Fare from Marina Mall to Cebu-Mactan International Airport – Php7.00
Jollibee Meal at Cebu-Mactan International Airport – Php192.00
Cebu-Mactan International Airport to Siargao – None
2 Pieces Pandecoco Bread – Php10.00
Siargao-Sohoton Package Tour by Kuya Bebot – Php3,000.00
1.5L Bottled Water – Php50.00
Accommodation for 2 Nights in Siargao at Dormitels – Php400.00

Day 2
Pandesal (Salted Bread) for Breakfast – Php20.00
1L Bottled Water – Php25.00
Magpopongko Entrance – Php50.00
Lunch at Gen. Luna Town Proper – Php65.00
1L Bottled Water – Php30.00
Daco Island Boat Docking Fee – Php100.00
Guyam Island Entrance – Php10.00
Dinner – Php65.00
3 Sachets of Chocolate Drink (Milo) – Php24.00
1 Ariel Detergent Powder Sachet – Php12.00
10 Pieces Pandecoco Bread – Php50.00

Day 3
Habal-Habal from Cloud 9 to Gen. Luna Town Proper – Php40.00
Packed Lunch Bought from Hayanggabon Port – Php105.00
Share for Sohoton Tour Fees – Php273.00
Ferry Fare from Sohoton to Hayanggabon Port – Php200.00
Shampoo and Shower Room Fee – Php30.00
Early Dinner with Coffee and Leche Flan – Php185.00
Passenger Van Fare from Hayanggabon Port to Surigao City – Php120.00
3 Nights Accommodation at Metro Pensionne – Php1,350.00
Personal Care and Supplies – Php895.00

Day 4
Brunch – Php46.00
Dirty Ice Cream – Php10.00
Tricycle Fare to Luneta – Php10.00
Tricycle Fare from City Proper to Sabang Cottages – Php50.00
Tricycle Fare from Sabang Cottages to City Proper – Php50.00
Dinner at Jollibee – Php198.00
Personal Care and Supplies – Php500.00

Day 5
Brunch – Php85.00
Chartered Tricycle Fee to Mabua Beach with Return – Php200.00
500ml Bottled Water – Php30.00
Tricycle Fare from City Proper to Sabang Cottages – Php60.00
Tricycle Fare from Sabang Cottages to City Proper – Php60.00

Day 6
Brunch – Php38.00
Pera Padala – Php3,030.00
Surigao City Airport Terminal Fee – Php100.00
Siopao and Coffee for Snacks – Php120.00
Cebu-Mactan International Airport Terminal Fee – None
Jeepney Fare from NAIA Rotonda to Gate 3 – Php7.00
Jeepney Fare from Gate 3 to Market! Market! – Php20.00

Total Expenses: Php14,845.50

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