Day 1
11:50am – Departure in NAIA Terminal 3 for Tuguegarao Airport
12:35pm – Arrival in Tuguegarao Airport
01:10pm – Departure in Tuguegarao City for Callao Cave, Peñablanca
02:07pm – Arrival im Callao Cave, Peñablanca
02:46pm – Departure in Callao Cave, Peñablanca for SAVFTODAI Terminal
04:10pm – Arrival in SAVFTODAI Terminal
04:46pm – Departure in SAVFTODAI Terminal for San Vicente, Sta. Ana
07:51pm – Arrival in San Vicente, Sta. Ana (E.F. Costales Lodge)

Day 2
08:56am – Departure in E.F. Costales Lodge for Town Tour
10:02am – Departure in Centro, Sta. Ana for Tuguegarao
01:20pm – Arrival in Tuguegarao City
02:01pm – Check-In at Hotel Vico
02:45pm – Wholebody Scrub and Massage; City Tour
07:30pm – Lights-Out

Day 3
05:50am – Preparation for City Tour, Buntun Bridge, Airport and Breakfast
08:37am – Arrival in Buntun Bridge
09:11am – Arrival in Tuguegarao Airport
02:00pm – Departure in Tuguegarao Airport for Manila
02:55pm – Arrival in NAIA Terminal 3