Summer in the Philippines can be fun if you coupled it with outings or vacations to escape the warm temperature at home. This may not be a problem for most people in the provinces especially those places with cool temperature like in Benguet or in Tagaytay.

In Metro Manila and nearby places, summer is a bit annoying for people who stay at home during the day and whose houses are not properly insulated or no insulation at all to prevent the heat transfer from the attic inside the house. People working in the wee hours of the night, this could be a problem. Imagine sleeping during the day in a warm temperature, you will be perspiring like you are being slowly cooked in an oven.

The highest recorded heat index for 2016 was at more than 50 degree Celsius in Nueva Ecija. People have been complaining that day as you can read in their status updates on Facebook and it was also the favorite topic of the day in the workplace.

I was not spared from that experience as well. We have been struggling with our window type air conditioner as it does not cool during the day but it is during the night. I have been searching online for possible fix and I came across a reply in an online forum where air conditioner have this maximum temperature that it can handle and it is installed in a place with a direct sunlight, then possibility is the cause of the problem. What I did is I have installed a shade for our window type air conditioner using insulation foam with the aluminum facing the sunlight. Well, it did not fix the problem.

LG Room Air Conditioner with Model # LA080MG7

LG Room Air Conditioner with Model # LA080MG7

With my troubleshooting skills, I know there is nothing wrong with the air conditioner as it works perfectly during the night. I also recognize that it is not the thermostat nor the compressor. It could not due to other factors related to the air conditioner like Freon. I am thinking that there is a leak somewhere which I am not aware of. I also thought that it could be the filter or it simply needs cleaning. During my research, I learned about the compressor thermal overload protection circuit. One of user in that forum said that he had the same problem and his air conditioner technician had replace the compressor thermal overload protection and the problem was fixed.

Fixing air conditioner is not my forte so I decided to hire a technician that will clean the air conditioner along with checking it to diagnose the problem. I have scheduled an appointment with them but they did not show up on time. I called them and cancelled the service appointment.

I cleaned the air conditioner on my rest day. Basically, I took out the window type air conditioner from it metal case and I just sprayed water on it until all the dust and dirt are out. I air dried it for few minutes. I inspected the metal case, I found out that the is warm air that comes from one side of the metal case. That side is where the compressor is located when in assembled form. I took a sheet of insulation foam and fixed it inside the side of the metal case with the aluminum side facing the outside of the metal case.

I put back the air conditioner and fixed it securely. I then turn on the air conditioner and observed it for few hours. Voila! the problem is fixed. I have been enjoying the cool air brought by the air conditioner without even spending a cent.

For the last few weeks, I have been getting enough sleep during the day. This translates to a more productive employee during the wee hours of the night. I hope that this simple story will help you fix your problem with your window type air conditioner. Cheers!